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The Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) program was established in 2014 and has been a leader in the the drone industry ever since. The program has evolved over the years to custom courses and instruction in various sectors. WWFC has provided drone instruction for government, education, research, public and private sectors, as well as for recreational use. 


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We offer courses to meet all your training needs, whether flying a drone for fun, work or research, our Transport Canada TP 15263 compliant training courses will ensure you have the knowledge you need to operate safely and reliably in Canadian airspace.

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Taking a New Horizon in
Drone Flight Training

Basic Operations
Are you looking to get started flying drones? Whether you are operating commercially or just flying for fun, let us start you off on the right foot. The basic license allows you to fly in low risk areas. On the map below you can fly anywhere there is not a red polygon with a basic license.
Advanced Operations
Whether you are an industry veteran or a burgeoning entrepreneur if you want the freedom to fly anywhere then an advanced certificate is for you. To get your advanced certificate you need to pass both the small online RPAS exam and an in-person flight review.
RPAS Flight review
A flight review is the final step in getting your advanced license. Once you have passed the online small advanced RPAS exam, then you must complete an in-person flight review with an examiner associated with a ground school. A flight review is a practical examination of your ability to perform a satisfactory site survey, remember emergency procedures and fly your RPAS.

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Your path to the skies