Terms and Conditions


Shipping rates quoted online are based on estimates and are presented for comparison purposes only. They may not include all applicable charges for insurance, hazardous shipping fees, or additional charges for deliveries to an extended service area. Actual charges will be determined based on exact weight and number of packages shipped and from which The Pilot Shop facility. Some carriers will charge a fee if the shipping address given is not accurate or correct. Please verify the address you have given is accurate and correct to avoid additional charges. We reserve the right to require a signature at time of delivery.

We only ship to Canadian addresses.

This selection will allow us to ship all in stock products to you immediately and backorder any items which are not in stock. Any backordered items will ship the next day if the products are in stock at our other warehouse or as soon as either warehouse receives stock from our suppliers.

Orders for first time customers must ship to the same address as the credit card billing address. If this order is routed to management for approval, we will verify the address with the customer’s bank. The billing address must match exactly before the order can be processed for shipment.

If the customer requests to ship to another address, we will first verify the billing address. If this address is correct, we will request that the customer call his bank and advise them that he has placed an order with The Pilot Shop and that he would like it shipped to another address. The bank will then provide us with a release number and the order will be ok to ship. We may, at our discretion, attempt to contact the cardholder by phone to confirm the order. If the alternate address is a hotel, we reserve the right to decline shipment until payment is received in full in advance. We reserve the right to insist that any first time order ship to a verified billing address only. In any case, the cardholder’s signature will be required at time of delivery

we reserve the right to request an authorization on your credit card for the amount of the order at the time of order. When the order ships, we will settle and collect the amount of the order including but not limited to the merchandise, applicable taxes, freight, and/or ancillary charges and any authorized amounts in excess of the settled amount will be released. If your order is not able to ship before the authorization expires, you agree to allow us to settle that authorization to hold the parts for you until the order is ready for shipment. You agree to hold The Pilot Shop harmless for any costs you incur due to over limit or insufficient funds as assessed by your Credit Card Company or bank.

We ship every order as quickly as possible, and in the event of a delay, be assured that we are working hard to get your order shipped promptly. Due to order volume during holidays, we cannot guarantee that all orders placed can ship on the day after the holiday closure.

Orders for special cut products may take a few days to ship depending on order volume. Special order products ship base on the lead times of each manufacturer. Note: Special Instructions may delay shipment of your order.

For our customer’s convenience we enclose a copy of the invoice covering the order with each order shipped except those shipped to a third party.

Upon receipt, the package should be opened promptly and material checked against the packing slip enclosed.

The Pilot Shop has always taken great pride in offering pilots the lowest overall prices. Special quotations on other quantity purchases gladly furnished on request. Our online catalog pricing is updated daily and should reflect current pricing. Should there be any kind of price discrepancy we will notify you immediately. We will continue to do our best to minimize increases and offer all of our products at the best possible prices. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Although we update pricing for the online catalog on a daily basis, occasionally there may be a price discrepancy between the price online and the actual current price. If there is a price discrepancy, that we identify at the time we process the order, we will notify you by email so that you are aware of any changes. While navigating the Online Catalog you may come across a product that has a $0.00 price. There may be a variety of reasons for this. The part number may have changed and thus the price may not have been updated, the product may no longer be available or it could be a minor computer glitch. Please do not assume that we are giving the product away and decide you should order 6 of them. Normally if we are offering a product at “No Charge” the price will read “FREE” not $0.00.

Merchandise may be returned for credit or refund within 30 days from date of purchase if received in resaleable condition-packed in original manufacturer’s box, complete with instructions and all components (if applicable).

Each parcel carriers $100.00 insurance against loss or damage. Additional insurance coverage will be added as required per parcel. Open and examine all packages promptly. Notify The Pilot Shop of any discrepancies in the order. If the merchandise is received in damaged condition or the carrier fails to deliver the entire shipment as shown on the Bill of Lading covering motor freight delivery, make note of the damage.

The Pilot Shop’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the purchased product only, and under no circumstances shall The Pilot Shop be liable for any loss, damage, injury, cost of repair or consequential damages of any kind in connection with the sale, use or repair of any product purchased from The Pilot Shop Products sold are subject to manufacturer’s warranty policy. Defective merchandise or out of box failure of product is repaired or replaced at manufacturer’s option. Avionics, electrical, instrument or similar products that are defective are subject to manufacturer’s warranty only and will not be replaced immediately from The Pilot Shop inventory.

In as much as The Pilot Shop has no opportunity to supervise the manufacture, installation or maintenance of the parts supplied by it, nor any opportunity to participate in the design or manufacture of the various certificated and homebuilt aircraft in which its parts are utilized, the purchaser by placing an order and accepting said merchandise from The Pilot Shop agrees that all materials purchased will be used solely at purchaser’s risk and that purchaser will indemnify and hold The Pilot Shop, its owners and employees, free and harmless from all loss, liability or damage resulting from claims brought by any reason of any alleged failure or defect of any part or parts supplied by The Pilot Shop.

If you choose to pick your order up in our store, you must present your method of payment at time of pickup. If paying by credit card, please bring your credit card with you to the store.