Scenic & Intro Flights

Introductory Flying Lesson

The first step in learning to fly and from there – the sky is the limit!

Book a thirty minute Introductory Flying Lesson with one of our qualified Flight Instructors and experience the joy of flight for the first time.

You actually fly the plane!

Spend thirty minutes at the controls of a single-engine, Cessna 152. If you are outside the height & weight restrictions for the Cessna 152, we also offer our intro flight in our larger Cessna 172S model.

Scenic Flights

Bring your camera and sense of adventure!

Scenic flights allow you to experience your province with a whole new perspective. Whether you would like to soar over the CN Tower, fly along the Niagara Escarpment or simply fly over your property!

Getting you in the air.

A scenic flight is a great way to experience the freedom of flight with your friends and family!