Flight Instructor Rating

The student becomes the teacher

The Flight Instructor Rating is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. A flight instructor gets to share their passion for flying by teaching others how to fly.

Multi-Engine Rating

Building a Stronger Aviation Community

The Multi-Engine Rating is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 and allows you to fly non-high-performance multi-engine aeroplanes as endorsed on your licence.

Training Requirements:


TC Flight Test Standard – Multi-Engine Rating TP 219

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Instrument Ratings & Ground School

Increase Flexibility and Skill

An Instrument Rating – gives pilots greater flexibility, giving them the skill to fly when the weather is not bright and sunny.

There are two types of Instrument ratings: the Group 1 Rating and the Group 3 Rating.

The difference between the two ratings is that the Group 1 allows you to fly under IFR (instrument flight rules) in a multi-engine aeroplane.

Night Rating

Welcome to the magic of flying with the stars!

A night rating is typically one of the first ratings a private pilot will complete upon licensing, and can open up a whole new world for you. Whether that means exploring new destinations or getting together with friends over dinner at an airport restaurant, it’s sure to be an adventure you’ll always remember.

VFR-over-the-top Rating

Building a Stronger Aviation Community

The VFR-over-the-top rating – one of the ratings some pilots complete after achieving their Private Pilot Licence. A VFR-over-the-top rating allows you to operate aeroplanes endorsed on their licence over top of cloud while maintaining visual reference to the horizon. Conditions at the point of departure and arrival must adhere to certain VFR weather minimums.

Training Requirements:


VFR Over The Top Costs

TC Flight Instructor Guide – VFR OTT.

Instrument Proficiency Check

Time for your Instrument Proficiency Check

At Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre you can do the complete proficiency check in our ALSIM ALX or ALSIM 250. With our full time staff there is no wait times.