Aircraft Maintenance


Waterloo-Wellington Flight Centre Approved Maintenance Organization (TC AMO 174-92) takes great pride in maintaining the aircraft in our Flight Training Unit. Our 8000 square foot heated hangar provides an excellent environment for carrying out all regularly required maintenance activities. With licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers on hand 7 days a week, we can keep our fleet in the air, where it belongs.

WWFC is also pleased to offer a variety of aircraft maintenance services to private aircraft owners. These services include the following:


  • Annual inspections

  • Oil changes, with optional oil analysis

  • Technical logbook review

  • Airworthiness Directive Research

  • Pre-Purchase inspections

  • Aircraft Import and Export (MD-M Available)

  • Unplanned maintenance

  • Inspection assistance on aircraft operated with a Special Certificate of Airworthiness in the Owner Maintenance or Amateur Built category.


We are open to other maintenance activities, within the scope of approval of the AMO. Our experience includes extensive single engine Cessna aircraft, PA-28 and PA-44 series, as well as the Diamond DA-40. Additionally, our staff have worked on everything from fabric covered vintage aircraft, to the brand new Pipistrel Vellis Electro.

Our maintenance staff are working closely with the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics, as well as with Transport Canada on introducing all electric aircraft to Canadian Airspace. WWFC is the only shop in Canada with an electric aircraft rating on their AMO.

If you are looking to get  work done on your aircraft, please contact

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