Pilot Training

Commercial Courses

get paid to fly

A commercial pilot flies for their job – big plane or small, they are getting paid to fly.

Once you have your private pilot licence, and becoming a professional pilot is your goal, the next licence you will need to complete is your Commercial Pilot Licence. At WWFC you can work towards your CPL at your own pace, with a customized plan that our CFI will help develop with you. CPL is approved as a vocational program under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005. Our CPL flight training program requires you to sign a Ontario Career College contract prior to commencing any part of your CPL training – ground school and/or flight training.

Recreational Courses

fly for fun

Fly as pilot-in-command of a single-engine airplane designed to carry a maximum of four passengers, but with no more than one passenger carried on board, under Day VFR conditions in Canadian Airspace. 


expand your skills

WWFC offers a variety of ratings to achieve after obtaining a Private Pilot Licence including Night Rating, Instrument Rating, Flight Instructor Rating and more!

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