Local Scenic Tour

$ 237.30



The local scenic tour gives you a chance to view the Tri-cities from a whole new perspective! Spend 40 minutes flying over your house, farm, or cottage, anywhere in the tri-cities and surrounding area. Scenic flights accommodate 1-3 passengers in a 4-seater, single-engine Cessna 172S model. Bring your friends and your camera!


Weight Limit – 500 lbs, passengers must be atleast 8 years of age.

Please note that the face value of this gift certificate / card includes 13% Ontario HST as the service is rendered in Ontario regardless of the place of purchase of the gift card. The flight is valued at $210.00 + $27.30 HST = $237.30 and is structured as such so the recipient has no fees to pay on the day of their flight.