Introductory Flying Lesson

The first step in learning to fly and from there – the sky is the limit!

Due to the current situation, we are not booking Introductory or Scenic flights at this time.

Book a thirty minute Introductory Flying Lesson with one of our qualified Flight Instructors and experience the joy of flight for the first time.

You actually fly the plane!

Spend thirty minutes at the controls of a single-engine, Cessna 152

  • $115.00 + HST ($129.95)
  • Weight: 180 lbs MAX and/or
  • Height: 6 feet MAX


$ 129.95Add to cart

If you are outside the height & weight restrictions for the Cessna 152, we also offer our intro flight in our larger Cessna 172N model

  • $130.00 + HST
  • Weight: Over 180lbs and/or Height: Over 6 feet tall


$ 146.90Add to cart

 An introductory flying lesson is considered a “Training Flight” by Transport Canada and is a “one-on-one” flight.
(No passengers permitted)

An introductory flying lesson can also be purchased as a Gift Card, visit our Shop to purchase this Gift of Flight today!

Get Started fast and easy!
If our Introductory Flying Lesson has you hooked on flying, ask us about our Get Started Package when you come down from your flight!

For sightseeing, see our Scenic Flight Packages!