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PPL Ground School Kit

1. From the Ground Up

2. Flight Training Manual, 4th Edition

3. Pilot Log Book

4. Aero Course Weather Book

5. Flight Computer – E6B

6. ICAO Chart Ruler

7. Protractor

8. Toronto VNC

9. Flight Bag

The content of From The Ground Up may, at times, seem adverse and complex but the path to understanding the fundamentals of flight is one that reaps much in the way of personal reward for all those who maintain the course. Indeed, it was by design that its original author, Sandy A. F. MacDonald a man recognized as a father of what still stands today as the standard curriculum for ground school instruction devised this training manual to be comprehensive and current while conveying its material in such a way as to enhance the readers understanding of the written word.

Not one to permit his vast experience to allow for foregone conclusions, his meticulous care in the creation of From The Ground Up has became the hallmark for its wide-spread use and respect as the reference manual of choice in hundreds of flying schools throughout Canada and around the world.

Its latest editions are the 29th Millennium Edition in Canada, and the U.S. Edition in the United States. (A French-language version is also available under the title Entre Ciel et Terre.) Totalling 356 pages of in-depth two-column text formatted in a sequential, logical and easy-to-read fashion, the publication boasts over 360 graphics, charts, diagrams and photos, with additional full-colour navigation charts and sample weather charts included.

All chapters are current in the latest technological and legislative aeronautical matters and cover such topics as The Airplane, Theory of Flight, Aero Engines, Aeronautical Rules & Procedures, Aviation Weather, Navigation, Radio & Radio Navigation, Airmanship, Human Factors, and Air Safety. From The Ground Up also includes an extensive index, glossary and practice examination.

Updated regularly, From The Ground Up has long been considered an essential resource for all with any interest whatsoever in aeronautics, aviation, and flying..

This book provides a comprehensive summary of the knowledge essential for success in the Transport Canada Written Examination (PPAER) together with 400 typical examination questions all individually cross-referenced to the keynotes. Review the summaries to ensure that you have covered the critical areas and test yourself by answering the questions.

The best slide-rule-style flight computer on the market, with solid aluminum construction and easy-to-read lettering. ASA’s E6-B features a wind component grid and comprehensive crosswind correction chart, and on the other side the slide computes time, speed, distance, altitude, true airspeed, and density altitude problems as well as conversions. Nautical and statute scales are included. Vinyl case and instruction booklet included.

To view the E6-B Manual click on the following link: E6B_Manual

“It almost goes without saying that all pilots eventually need to perform some type of math calculation in their head while flying. Here is a book to help sharpen those mental skills and operate better in today’s technological environment. With the increased use of electronic gadgets in airplanes, the mind of the pilot is one of the most often overlooked “computers” available in the cockpit. Mental Math for Pilots helps rev up your brainpower, allowing you to quickly process complex equations while expanding mental acuity towards a wide range of practical math problems frequently used in flight. Quick recall and retention aids are provided for calculating temperature conversions, crosswind components, time-speed-distance problems, reciprocal headings, visual descent points and many, many more.

A comprehensive summary of the knowledge essential for success in the Transport Canada Written Examination together with 600 typical examination questions all individually cross-referenced to the keynotes. Review the summaries to ensure that you have covered the critical areas and test yourself by answering the questions.

Written for both private and commercial flight test prospects, Flight Test Notes takes you step-by-step through the flight test exercises and questions that youll face during your actual flight test. Written by an ATP licence holder and certified instructor, Flight Test Notes includes material on the ground briefing, and covers all areas from the pre-flight inspection through to take-offs, climbs, turns, circuits, stalls, forced approaches, landings, and everything else your examiner will want to see you perform. Its format is intentionally designed to be a quick, easy and thorough reference to prepare you for the flight examination. A first-rate and very thorough preparation source.

Our latest Canadian Commercial Pilot Answer Guide not only boasts its own exclusive material, but now also combines this with new and exacting explanations for each and every question that make up its content. Emulating the format that is now an effective staple of our Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide, CPL students can now also benefit, like never before, from enhanced exam preparation and additional learning, before heading into their written CPL exam.

Setting itself even further apart, this new Canadian Commercial Pilot Answer Guide references the most important material available to students as they embark on their trajectory to a commercial pilot licence. From the Ground Up, Flying Beyond, the Canadian Aviation Regulations, the Aeronautical Information Manual, the Flight Training Manual, the Canada Flight Supplement, and AWARE Aviation Weather are all referenced within this newly updated Study Guide. Tied together with author Chris Hobbs’ exceptional explanations, the content of this latest Canadian Commercial Pilot
Answer Guide, 7th Edition provides the
foremost of means for students to study and review essential subject matter to surpass Transport Canada’s CPL standards.

As a long—established educational resource for students and flying schools across the country, the Canadian Commercial Pilot Answer Guide takes students through all the aeronautical subjects that they need to know to prepare for the writing of the CPL exam. Seven chapters make up the bulk of this latest version of the title. They are: Chapter 1 Flight Operations; Chapter 2 Navigation; Chapter 3 General Knowledge; Chapter 4 Theory of Flight; Chapter 5 Meteorology; Chapter 6 Weather Reports and Forecasts; Chapter 7 Air Law. Chapter 8 provides, as always, a 100- -Question Sample Examination. Appendix A contains Notes on the Questions that enhance significantly this Study Guide as a learning and study resource without equal.

The new Instrument Procedures Manual is a thorough revision, with expanded content, to this long-established and ubiquitous title. It provides students, as well as experienced pilots, with information on today’s aircraft, satellite and ground-based instrument systems, departure, enroute and approach procedures, and air traffic control regulations. Every phase of IFR flight is discussed in terms of its safety and efficiency.


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A collection of 400 typical Transport Canada written exam questions with keynotes covering all major subject areas. Review the keynote summaries and test your knowledge to complete your preparation for the INRAT exam.

A collection of more than 300 typical Transport Canada written exam questions with keynotes covering all major subject areas. Review the keynote summaries and test your knowledge to complete your preparation for the AIRAF exam.

The Transport Canada Exam requires that you know all the material for the Commercial Pilot exam plus incremental knowledge in just about all subject areas. The keynotes provide a comprehensive summary of the incremental knowledge areas together with more than 500 typical examination questions cross referenced to the keynotes. Understanding the material behind all the questions will ensure that you are adequately prepared for the SARON and SAMRA examinations.

This publication includes 2 CD’S, and is provided as a reference manual for applicants preparing to write the ATP examinations. It will also serve as a valuable source of information for Private and Commercial candidates who wish a more in-depth understanding of aviation weather.

A comprehensive guide to prepare pilots to write the ATPL/IATRA examination by Peter Shewring and Rick Stevens.

There are over 500 questions to provide pilots with the opportunity to test their ATPL knowledge and build confidence to successfully write the ATPL examinations. This book is used by the AeroCourse instructors for ATPL exam preparation training seminars. (may be purchased at a discounted price, when registering for AeroCourse ATPL seminars)

Fifth Edition 2010AeroCourse ISBN 0-9681270-0-1-0

ATPL 5th edition Answer Key Corrections

Page 1-2 Question #7 answer b
Page 1-2 Question # 8 answer b
Met Theory
Page 2-6 Question # 31 answer b
Met Practical
Page 3-21 Question # 39 answer a
Page 3-41 Question # 67 answer a or b (both are correct)

This excellently-written commercial ground school textbook, Flying Beyond: The Canadian Commercial Pilot Textbook, is the perfect educational segue from From the Ground Up into the higher standards required of students seeking their commercial pilot licence.

Authored by experienced and respected Canadian ground school instructor, Chris Hobbs, Flying Beyond takes readers further than what they merely need to know to pass their commercial written examination. While conscientiously fulfilling this latter requirement, Flying Beyond’s content is also written to take students forward on a career path as highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and thoroughly-educated professional aviators.

The topics in Flying Beyond are presented in the order given in Transport Canada’s syllabus. Subjects include: Human Factors (Psychological and Physiological), Theory of Flight, Airframes and Engines, Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments, Meteorology, Weather Reports and Forecasting, Pilot Navigation and Radio Navigation, Flight Operations, Air Law, and more.