With a history that spans almost nine decades, WWFC alumni circle the globe. Flying for companies or simply flying the outback for pleasure, you can find pilots with connections to Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre everywhere.

World Class Alumni

Whether you are a graduate from the Conestoga College program, the University of Waterloo program or have completed your Integrated ATPL or Private Pilot Licence with WWFC – you are one of our alumni.

Join Us and Other Alumni

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Share Experiences and Memories

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Alumni of Distinction Award

Nominate an Alumni

Help us identify worthy candidates for the Alumni of Distinction Award. If you know of alumni who have excelled in their career, volunteer and made contributions to WWFC and/or the community, we would love to know about it!

Who Can Nominate

Friends, alumni, faculty, staff and students may nominate a qualified candidate.


The candidate has made contributions to WWFC and its students and maintains an ongoing connection, and/or they have demonstrated volunteerism and/or is a leader in the community. Other potential candidates may include program advisory committee members or employers provided they are WWFC alumni.

  • The candidate has an established relationship with WWFC of at least two years and has been an exemplary role model to students.
  • They have not previously received the Alumni of Distinction Award.

The Alumni Distinction Award will be presented at the annual Wings Banquet. If you are interested in attending, please contact Lisa Pacheco for details. A presentation of all nominees (photos submitted, name and criteria) may be shared at the Wings Banquet as well in order to promote all nominees and their contributions.

Nomination Process

Nominations for the Alumni of Distinction Award are open year round. The cut off for the 2020 award is September 30, 2021. Any applications received after the due date will be kept on file for the following year. The following steps must be taken in order to qualify:

  1. Nomination form completed with the following:
    – Full Name of Nominee, email address and phone number
    – Full Name of Nominator, email address and phone number
    – Include up to five photos of the nominee in their job and/or showing community involvement.
  2. Using examples, outline what the nominee has done that is outstanding (i.e. career accomplishments, volunteerism, etc.) Response can be a written essay (up to 500 words) OR a video (up to 2 minutes).

The award nominations must be made in writing to:

Lisa Pacheco, Customer Relations Manager
Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre
3-4881 Fountain Street North
Breslau, ON  N0B 1M0
T: 519-648-2213 ext. 141

The Fine Print

Regulations, Policies & Related Information
WWFC reserves the right to determine the eligibility of applications based on the information therein. WWFC also reserves the right to interpret the regulations governing the award opportunities set out in its published materials (both hardcopy and softcopy). WWFC welcomes feedback and questions on any of the award parameters.

Privacy & Application Disposal
WWFC will never share, sell or rent personal information without advance permission or unless ordered by a court of law. The information provided for the Alumni Distinction Award application will be solely used for the Award program and any communications WWFC has with applicants will be for information purposes, to administer the award, provide more information and/or thank applicants.

WWFC will take precautions to protect the information provided by all applicants from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, alteration or destruction. All WWFC staff and volunteers associated with the Alumni Distinction Award program are made aware of the importance WWFC places on privacy and what they can do to ensure nominee applicant information is protected.

Each application form will be properly and securely destroyed within three months of the Alumni of Distinction Award being awarded to the winning recipients. If at any time an applicant would like the information, he/she has provided to be deleted from our records, please contact Lisa Pacheco.