Our Aircraft & Rates

Our aircraft include Cessna, Diamond and Piper Seminoles and are available for both flight training and recreational flight rentals. As a current WWFC client you can go sightseeing around Kitchener-Waterloo, fly over the Toronto skyline, head up north towards cottage country or over Niagara Falls.

You can also make longer trips to destinations in Canada & the USA. Please refer to our Extended & Cross Border Rentals page for details. You may even want to get checked out on the Cessna 172S or Cutlass, or challenge yourself and train for a more advanced rating (night, multi-engine).

All renters are required to hold a current WWFC Client access card in order to rent aircraft and must meet WWFC currency requirements. Please visit our WWFC Flight Currency Requirements page for details.


Aircraft TypeRate/Hour
Cessna 152$142.00
Cessna 172N$175.00
Cessna 172S$178.00
Cessna 172S G1000$178.00
Cessna 172RG Cutlass$185.00
DA 40$190.00
Piper PA44 Seminole$350.00
Piper PA28R 201 Arrow$190.00

24 hours notice is required to cancel a flight.

Instructor Rates

Flight Training: includes Recreational Pilot Permit, PPL, CPL, Multi Rating and Instrument Rating. $78.00/hour
Instructor Rating : inclusive of any training towards an instructor rating. $88.00/hour
Private Aircraft: if you wish to train in your own aircraft. $95.00/hour


ALSIM ALX$125.00/hour
ALSIM 250$125.00/hour

Other Fees

  • Headset rental – $10 per flight
  • No Show – Client will be billed one hour of Ground time
  • Maintenance – Hourly rate $90.00; Non-client $100.00
Prices are current as of July 15, 2019 and are subject to change without notice.


Our fleet of 32 aircraft is one of the largest in Canada and consists of:

  • 8 Cessna 152
  • 1 Cessna 172N
  • 14 Cessna 172S
  • 1 Cessna 172S G1000
  • 3 Diamond DA40 G1000
  • 2 Piper Seminole PA44-180
  • 2 Piper Arrow PA28R 201


  • ALSIM 250