The following is a clarification of the currency rules which are in place at the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre. The following currency rules apply to all WWFC Clients. Occasionally, these rules may be overridden, providing the exemption falls within the limits of the overriding insurance policy. All exemptions must be authorized in writing by the Chief Flying Instructor (CFI). As a minimum, you must have flown the specific type of aircraft within the past 60 days in order to be current on that type.

C152, C172N and C172S

If you have 150 total hours or less:

If you have more than 150 total hours:

All renters:

Note: An initial full checkout is required on the C172S, even if you are already checked out on the C172N. The procedure of simply doing a “start check” is no longer acceptable. A full checkout must be completed and signed off by an instructor before renting the C172S.

PA28R (Piper Arrow 201), C172RG (Cutlass) and DA-40 G1000

To rent the PA28R, C172RG (Cutlass) or DA-40, renters must have:

If it has been more than 30 days since you last flew the PA28R, C172RG or DA-40, but less than 60 days, a circuit check is required.
If over 60 days have lapsed, a complete checkout is required.

Note: Flying the PA28R, C172RG and/or the DA-40 does not maintain currency on any other aircraft type.

PA-44 (Piper Seminole)

To rent the PA-44 (Piper Seminole), renters must have:

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