Aero Course ATPL WorkBook

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A comprehensive guide to prepare pilots to write the ATPL/IATRA examination by Peter Shewring and Rick Stevens.

There are over 500 questions to provide pilots with the opportunity to test their ATPL knowledge and build confidence to successfully write the ATPL examinations. This book is used by the AeroCourse instructors for ATPL exam preparation training seminars. (may be purchased at a discounted price, when registering for AeroCourse ATPL seminars)

Fifth Edition 2010AeroCourse ISBN 0-9681270-0-1-0

ATPL 5th edition Answer Key Corrections

Page 1-2 Question #7 answer b
Page 1-2 Question # 8 answer b
Met Theory
Page 2-6 Question # 31 answer b
Met Practical
Page 3-21 Question # 39 answer a
Page 3-41 Question # 67 answer a or b (both are correct)

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