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Bachelor of Science -or-
Bachelor of Environmental Studies – Geography

Our mission: At Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre we strive to be the top flight training school in Canada by delivering excellence in training, providing access to the most current equipment, and offering welcoming facilities.

Commitment to education: In partnering with one of the largest flight schools in Canada, University of Waterloo students have access to a diverse fleet of aircraft, state of the art equipment, a modern flight training facility, and the opportunity to train at one of Canada’s busiest airports.

Our graduates are well prepared to enter the aviation industry with major air carriers across Canada.

The University of Waterloo Aviation program is a collaborative partnership between the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre (PCC#105919) and the University of Waterloo. The University of Waterloo BES (Geography and Aviation) and BSc programs (Science and Aviation) are unique in the Canadian post-secondary educational system. The University’s strong science, environmental science, geomatics and technology base provide many of the essential underpinnings of aviation and aerospace, which may lead to other careers in the aviation industry.

Program Benefits

  • 4 year degree program – flight training is completed during the first three years. Students in this program take classes at both the University of Waterloo, and the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre, and graduate with a degree in either Science (BSc) or Environmental Studies – Geography (BES) and their Commercial pilot licence, with their Multi-Engine and Instrument ratings.
  • Small class size – the ratio of students to instructors for the University of Waterloo program, providing a more personalized approach to your training
  • Built In Plan “B” – the University program has the built in advantage of providing graduates with an alternative career path should they ever choose not to fly, with flight training being a requirement for many aviation and aerospace careers. A university degree is also regarded by the airline industry as a valuable asset for a pilot.

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