Grand Opening – New Sim Centre and Innovation Hub

Grand Opening -sim centre & innovation hub

On Friday, June 21st we celebrated the grand opening of the new Aviation SIM Centre and Innovation Hub! 

We were joined by our federal funding partners, members of the Regional Council, regional leadership, airline partners, and media members to celebrate this exciting milestone.

This state-of-the-art facility, developed in partnership with the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF) and the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics (WISA), houses three new flight simulators: a Boeing 737, De Havilland Q-400, and Airbus 320. These simulators will enhance our training programs, including an improved Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) curriculum component, and provide students with exposure to various aircraft types, better preparing them for future airline employment. The sims will also support advanced research initiatives for WISA researchers in the aerospace sector to create a more sustainable aviation future!

The expansion adds 3,300 square feet, bringing the total to 10,000 square feet, with an investment of over $1.8 million. The green building practices include solar power supplementation, an upgraded energy-efficient HVAC system, and enhanced insulation for improved energy efficiency.

“This grand opening marks a pivotal moment for us, symbolizing the next phase in flight training evolution,” Bob Connors, General Manager of the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre., “This new facility will improve our collaboration with the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics and enable us to deliver top-tier training with a focus on environmental sustainability. It underscores our commitment to enhancing the journey of our pilot graduates and the quality of services offered to our airline. We extend our gratitude for your ongoing support and partnership.” 


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