Extended Rentals

Our aircraft rentals are available to qualified flying clients of WWFC for extended flights and/or cross border flights. Why not go sightseeing outside the Kitchener-Waterloo area, fly up north towards cottage country or over Niagara Falls? You can also make longer trips to destinations in Canada.

WWFC requires a minimum billing of 5 flight hours per day . An Extended Rental Form must be completed by the pilot, and reviewed and approved by the CFI a minimum of 48 hours before the flight for every multi-day or + 300 nautical mile booking. These forms may be found by clicking the link above or in the flight planning area at the Flight Centre.

Other Extended Rental requirements:

  • The PIC (Pilot in command) is required to be a current client with the Flight Centre in order to rent an aircraft with WWFC.
  • The PIC must meet WWFC Currency Requirements on the aircraft they want to rent  (if not, they will be required to complete the appropriate checkout ride with an instructor).
  • An Extended Rental Form must be filed 48 hours prior to departure and is subject to approval from the CFI or Duty Pilot.  Please feel free to use the link provided to print off this form.

    For more information on Rental rates and details, refer to our WWFC Aircraft & Rates page.