Additional Ratings

Now that you have your private pilot licence, why stop there?
The sky is the limit! Why not get your night rating, or challenge yourself with a multi-engine rating?
Ratings provide you with additional skills and privileges in the world of aviation that allow you to spread your wings and soar to greater heights!



Perhaps one of the first ratings Private Pilots aim to complete is the Night Rating. This rating allows you to fly after dark and without it you are restricted to flying only during daylight hours. The night rating adds flexibility and utility to the Private Licence. It cannot be applied to the Recreational Pilot Permit.


Night flight around CN Tower



The Multi-Engine Rating allows you to fly non-high-performance, multi-engine aeroplanes as endorsed on your licence. The ability to fly a multi-engine aircraft widens the realm and flexibility for the private pilot in terms of the number of aircraft one can choose to fly. It is also one of the ratings pilots pursuing a career in aviation complete early on in their training.


WWFC Piper Seminole



An Instrument Rating lets you fly when the weather is not suitable for VFR flight. You can fly through cloud or in restricted visibility. This rating gives you the most flexibility to fly when the weather is not bright and sunny. There are two Instrument ratings available – the Group 1 Instrument Rating which applies to multi-engine aircraft and the Group 3 Instrument Rating for single engine aircraft. (Click here for details).


Instrument panel



The VFR-Over-the-Top Rating allows you to fly on top of cloud layers, in weather that is otherwise good. This allows you to reach some destinations that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to.


Flying over the top

Achieving additional ratings is a great way to enhance your flying experience. For more information contact WWFC today!