Student Success Supplies

Welcome to Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre. Below are a list of supplies you will need to complete your Private Pilot License.

The Private Pilot’s Ground School Kit comes as a bundle price with a savings of $54.52 ! If you do not need all the contents of the kit, please select all individual products.

You do require a uniform at WWFC.  September to April you are required to wear the white pilots shirt. During the summer months you can wear the WWFC polo shirts as part of your uniform. You can choose to purchase both now, or just the white pilot shirt.

Additionally, we’ve added some supplies that will support your training and are highly recommended.



To purchase your student success supplies, please click on the links below.


Private Pilots Ground School Kit is a bundle price. If you do not need all pieces within the kit, please select the individual pieces you need a discount will not be applied.

Private Pilots Groundschool Kit

Individual Pieces

From the Ground Up Workbook

WWFC Messenger Bag

Flight Training Manual

Aviation & Meteorology: Weather Fundamentals

Toronto VNC

ASA Protractor

ICAO Ruler

E-6B Flight Computer

Log Book

POH Model 152

POH 172S Skyhawk



While at WWFC, you will be required to wear a uniform consisting of Black plants, Black or Brown shoes and a white Pilot Shirt. Pilot shirts are available through the link below. Please include your neck size and shoulder size in the comments section upon checkout. This shirt can be warn from months September to April.

Women’s Student Pilot Shirt (long sleeved)

Men’s Student Pilot Shirt (long sleeved)

In May we allow our students to purchase the WWFC lightweight polo shirt listed below.

WWFC Polo Golf Shirt (Men’s)

WWFC Polo Golf Shirt (Ladies’)


Additional supplies that promote student success at WWFC.

Tri-Fold VFR Kneeboard

172S Instrument Panel

152 Instrument Panel

David Clark H10-13.4 Headset

Single Headset Bag

WWFC Hoodie Sweatshirt (Ladies’)

WWFC Hoodie Sweatshirt (Men’s)