Education can be expensive. Scholarships, awards and bursaries can help offset those costs, helping to relieve some of the burden. Whether you are a senior in high school, already a post-secondary aviation student or pursuing your flight training on your own, there are scholarship and bursary opportunities available. Below are links to various scholarships, school awards and financial aid sites.

LIFT Scholarship

LIFT Scholarship Fund

The LIFT Scholarship was created by WWFC to assist student pilots. Training to be a pilot is costly and most aviation students are not eligible for OSAP, or other financial support. Since the launch of the WWFC LIFT scholarship program, $44,000 has presented been to students in financial support.

Applications are open.

Any applications received outside of the application due date will NOT be considered.

Post-secondary Applicants and Current UW or CC Aviation Students

High school students applying to either the Conestoga College Aviation General Arts & Science or to one of the University of Waterloo Aviation programs can apply for entrance scholarships through the respective schools.

Students currently in either of these post-secondary programs can browse through the many scholarship and bursary opportunities on the school’s website.

Private Air Scholarship 

$500 cash award to a second year graduating Conestoga College aviation student. Find out more.

Private Air Logo

Aviation Industry Awards & Scholarships

The aviation industry is known for supporting the initiatives and accomplishments of student pilots and pilots looking to advance their training. Many organizations offer scholarships and bursaries towards these efforts.

Three prominent organizations that offer scholarship opportunities are:

Other Scholarship Links

Scholarships Canada
Loran Scholars Foundation

Arnold & Vi Milstead Warren Flight Training Scholarship