Education can be expensive. Scholarships, awards and bursaries can help offset those costs, helping to relieve some of the burden. Whether you are a senior in high school, already a post-secondary aviation student or pursuing your flight training on your own, there are scholarship and bursary opportunities available. Below are links to various scholarships, school awards and financial aid sites.

LIFT Scholarship

LIFT Scholarship Fund

The LIFT Scholarship was created by WWFC to assist student pilots. Training to be a pilot is costly and most aviation students are not eligible for OSAP, or other financial support. As of 2020, WWFC has presented a total of ten students with $4,000 each from the LIFT scholarship fund.

Applications are closed until 2021.

Any applications received outside of the application due date will NOT be considered.

Post-secondary Applicants and Current UW or CC Aviation Students

High school students applying to either the Conestoga College Aviation General Arts & Science or to one of the University of Waterloo Aviation programs can apply for entrance scholarships through the respective schools.

Students currently in either of these post-secondary programs can browse through the many scholarship and bursary opportunities on the school’s website.

Aviation Industry Awards & Scholarships

The aviation industry is known for supporting the initiatives and accomplishments of student pilots and pilots looking to advance their training. Many organizations offer scholarships and bursaries towards these efforts.

Three prominent organizations that offer scholarship opportunities are:

Private Air Scholarship 

$500 Cash Award to a Second Year Graduating Conestoga College Aviation Student

Private Air Inc. is sponsoring a scholarship to a student of the WWFC and Conestoga College Aviation Program. The successful applicant will receive a flight crew interview with Private Air Inc. There may or may not be a position available at the time of the award, but an interview for experience will be offered, and if there is a seat available at the time, an offer of employment may be made with a successful interview.

Timeline: Applications accepted February 4-12, 2020. Applications MUST be submitted by February 12, 2020. Any applications received after this time will not be considered.

Award Presentation: The recipient will be presented with the award and funds at the WWFC Wings Banquet on March 20, 2020.

Eligibility and traits:
1) A second year (Graduating) Conestoga College student at the WWFC.
2) A Student who has expressed some interest in Corporate/Charter Aviation throughout their time at WWFC/Conestoga College.
3) A student with an excellent attendance and punctuality record.
4) PERSONALITY!! Someone who gets along with others in all settings.
5) The award may not necessarily go to the person with the best grades, but rather the one who fits the corporate/charter profile best.
6) There will be absolutely no ranking or bias based on gender, race, religion, age, wealth etc. Everyone in the class shall have an equal opportunity to earn this award.

Determining the Recipient:
1) Applications will be made in the form of a 1-2 page (no more than 2) essay/cover letter and 1-3 letters of reference (not a reference list). The contents of the essay/cover letter shall explain who they are, how they got to this point in their life and what they see for themselves in the next 1, 5 and 10 years.
2) A short list of respondents will then answer a short questionnaire provided by Private Air and vetted by WWFC.
3) A short in person discussion over a coffee/pop at the WWFC Restaurant with the Chief Pilot and other company personnel.

4) Private Air will request attendance and punctuality review from the Management of WWFC. Understanding that due to privacy laws, actual records and statistics will not be provided to private air, but a ranking of 1-5 (1 being poor attendance/punctuality and 5 being perfect) on their opinion of this, from the management for each eligible candidate will be made by the CFI/Training Manager and/or GM.
5) Private Air will determine the winner of the award based on the application and subsequent information.

Download copy of the Scholarship Details.

All applications MUST be emailed by February 12, 2020. Any applications submitted after the due date will not be considered. 

If you have any questions, please email.

Private Air charter plane
Private Air charter plane

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